College Success

How we’re guiding students through college

Our college success interventions are focused in two areas: curricular analytics and using what we learn from them to support students.

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Teaching for the greater good

How does advanced high school math affect a student’s college success? That’s part of what we’re exploring. We’re focusing on curricular analytics in order to find ways to better support students and to transform the curriculum to benefit more diverse learners.

Guided by the Insight Engine, we’ll use a range of quantitative and qualitative research designs to examine how students throughout all of IU navigate college curricula, and identify areas where we can improve progress by

  • Re-designing pedagogies
  • Removing barriers
  • Adding supports

By addressing issues of equity and antiracism, we can help ensure more students stay in college through graduation.

Supporting students throughout their college education

Tying in closely with our curricular analytics objective, helping students to complete their education is a high priority. We’ll use our findings about curricula to develop and test interventions and support strategies that will improve student performance in college classes—particularly for underserved students.